Automated Mailroom

Giving CorporateTime a New Value

Managing the multiple types and channels of communications is a complex, time-consuming and expensive task for organizations. Customer letters, invoices, purchase orders, CVs, contracts and more arrive by email, fax, letter and web, and the sheer speed of electronic communications has raised expectations of customer response times increasing the pressure on company documents management processes.

eFLOW™ Digital Mailroom lets you collect all inbound information on one platform and combine it into a single digital, electronic data capture workflow. Your mail is captured, classified and dispatched without delay to its destination within the organization. This results in improved efficiency and customer service, better relationships with suppliers and business partners, and reduced errors and associated costs.

Whether unstructured, semi-structured or structured in form, printed, handwritten or image, eFLOW Digital Mailroom classifies and sorts all documents in any language entering the organization. Information from all sources is automatically integrated with the various ERP, CRM, finance and purchasing systems in the enterprise.

eFLOW Digital Mailroom includes an eFLOW Mailroom Workflow module, a Web 2.0-ready workflow system that works independently of any browser. eFLOW Mailroom Workflow allows documents and information to be disseminated around the business in a company-wide standard by using your web browser. Integrating with your existing IT infrastructures and workflows, eFLOW Mailroom Workflow speeds up your processes and significantly improves efficiency.

eFLOW‘s Automated Response Management solution gives enterprises the capability to respond to incoming e-mails with an automated contextual response. Using this module, organizations can reduce their costs in the contact center by up to 50%, and staff only deal with responses that require specialist attention.

Mailroom Automation by eFLOW Brings:

  • Efficiency – Accurate data enters your systems and reaches the people within your organization that need it without delay
  • Accuracy – Automation with eFLOW reduces the need for manual data entry and the inevitable human errors involved. eFLOW achieves high accuracy classifying all mail by using Supervised Learning technology
  • Speed – With eFLOW, information is driven in to your systems at the earliest point for action significantly improving turnaround times
  • Compliance – Streamlined processing and accessible data allows for easy compliance to industry regulations and SLA’s
  • Control – Visibility across the entire processing of information gives managers control to identify and resolve any issues or bottlenecks within the business
  • Satisfaction – Faster processing and fewer data errors lead to improved customer satisfaction. With eFLOW Digital Mailroom’s automated response function, incoming emails regarding standard queries can receive a rapid, appropriate, contextual response
  • Transparency – Data is held on your central systems, accessible by all relevant staff. The issues of duplicate documentation and staff working on out of date information is removed
  • Scalability – Unique integration options for inclusion in existing business architectures
  • FlexibilityeFLOW recognizes all documents whatever the format, multi-page correspondence, images, attachments, multiple languages and currencies, enabling you to meet all your processing needs now and in the future
  • ROI – Return on Investment is typically achieved within 12 months or less

The TIS Difference

Numerous enterprises worldwide rely on our rich experience and expertise in mailroom projects to efficiently process their high-volume communications. These clients include banks, insurers, government departments, telcos, energy suppliers and utilities.