Financial Services

bankBanks today are looking for technology platforms that integrate the entire front and backend information management needs into one flexible, un-monolithic and modern architected platform, that fits in with Banks’ stringent architectural requirements.

TIS’s banking platform is based on our proven technology eFLOW. The open architecture allows the implementation of any module from the eFLOW suite, and the seamless integration to other applications in the branch, as well as between branches and the HQ.

The eFLOW platform delivers the technical infrastructure to manage and deploy complex ECM solutions from OCR/ICR scanning engines and , auto response services, and through to our business rules and workflow engines. Complex processes can be designed and deployed centrally or in distributed environments, where on or offline capabilities for branch operations can be delivered as part of the solution.

TIS’s Banking platform enables ECM applications to be seamlessly integrated with existing and new banking solutions, e.g. Core Banking, Case Management , Risk and Compliance, Payment, CRM applications, Business Intelligence systems, existing enterprise workflow and document management systems; ensuring you gain maximum returns from investments made in your existing and legacy systems.

TIS Banking Solutions Landscape

  1. Front Office Relationship Manager
  2. Banking Back Office
  3. Enterprise Gateway
  4. Common Banking Services