Electronic Medical Record

In the ever competitive market of Healthcare delivery, DAS automate the scanning, classification of patient records. Be it for Medical record archiving purposes of for the finance department to quickly reconcile all expense prior to patient discharge, we have the solution for you.

Medical Record Scanning Services help medical practices consolidate legacy paper records into a unified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. DAS with our vast experience in digitising paper patient records and our secure hosted EMR system will allow practices to store digitised paper records and any other type of electronic record. We can customise the environment around your individual needs, offering anything from stand-alone solutions,to multi-facility distributed capture platform catering for large multi-national organisations or institutions. 

DAS also have the skills and experience to provide an outsourced, managed EMR solution, be it at one central location or across a distributed environment, as well as deploy an on-site dedicated solution inclusive of skills transfer and support.