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Trying to deal with the numerous form and document types that arrive at the organization can cause significant processing backlogs. Inevitably documents get mislaid, mistakes are made misreading handwritten entries and delays in processing affect customer satisfaction levels. In addition manual data input weighs down your staff with mundane tasks instead of carrying out activities that better utilize their expertise.

Top Image Systems™ (TIS™) has developed eFLOW™ Forms to help organizations with forms processing for a wide variety of documents that arrive at the enterprise every day. eFLOW Forms offers efficient data capture of both printed and handwritten content from structured and semi-structured forms, arriving from any source – email, paper, fax, image. Information is extracted, verified and fed to the relevant business systems within the organization.

Types of Applications Handled by eFLOW

  • Civil registration forms
  • Population census forms
  • Birth/death/marriage certificates
  • Driving licenses
  • Customs forms
  • Election forms
  • VAT forms
  • Identity cards
  • Requests for Passport / Visa / Work Permit
  • Pension forms
  • Social Security forms
  • Income Tax forms
  • Payment slips and checks

…and many other types of forms

Using eFLOW Forms, Organizations Benefit from:

  • Faster processing – All form types are captured on arrival to the organization and fed to the areas of the business where they are needed without delay
  • Reduced costs – The resource you need to dedicate to manual entering and error resolution is significantly reduced meaning you can better utilize your staff, and the workforce you require decreases
  • Accurate data – Manual data entry and the associated errors are reduced. eFLOW combines multiple OCR, ICR and OMR engines and utilizes different voting methods to ensure extracted data is of the highest possible accuracy
  • Better communication – At the earliest point, data is available in systems to be accessed by all relevant staff. Problems of duplicate documentation, lost or out of date paperwork are reduced
  • Improved customer satisfaction – Quicker turnaround times and fewer processing mistakes leads to better customer satisfaction levels and ultimately improves customer retention
  • Compliance and control – Transparency and visibility across the entire process ensures meeting industry standards and regulations is simple
  • ROI (Return on Investment) – Typically achieved within 12 months or less

One platform. Multiple choices.

Organizations using eFLOW Forms can easily apply the same eFLOW technology to any area of their business:
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