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The pressures in health care provision are substantial and increasing competition, government regulations, cost controls, and demands for higher quality patient care is causing a load on systems that health care institutions find difficult to manage. This can be achieved by implementing Patient Record Scanning Solutions.

Accurate patient records and availability of that information when it’s required is a must. In health care organizations, patient information is a combination of sources including standard records, images and notes.

DAS’s solution, with its OCR software, captures documents from all sources as they enter the organization. Whether unstructured, semi-structured or structured in format, all data is automatically captured at the point of entry, extracted, classified and verified, and fed to the relevant systems within the health care organization.

Information listed on structured forms and documents such as patient records, lab analysis requests, patient admission forms, employee time sheets and others can be captured faster and more accurately and delivered to the enterprise applications that provide service and patient information.

We can easily perform forms processing and handles common semi-structured business transaction documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, credit notes and others, that form part of the normal class of business transactions among trading partners.

Our Solution improves accuracy, speeds processing and eliminates much of the manually labor which would be required, thanks to automatic data capture. Compliance to industry regulations becomes simple with transparency and easily retrievable, accurate data. For the health care institution this translates into better patient care and services, reduced costs and improved margins.

Once the medical records have been scanned/imported classified, and captured they will be available in a secure online Content Management System for easy retrieval (and collaboration) between healthcare professionals. This interface can either be on desktop computers or on mobile devices. Full audit trails on usage are available.

Types of Applications Handled by DAS

  • Patient Record Scanning
  • Hospital / Clinic entrance forms
  • Patient Release forms
  • Inpatient databases
  • Outpatient databases
  • Hospital medical charts
  • Patient medical history questionnaires (doctors/dentists/clinics)
  • Generic test forms (blood, blood pressure, urine, thyroid, etc)
  • Laboratory test forms
  • General blood test forms
  • Payroll status sheets for Personnel
  • Pension plans for Personnel
  • Life support forms
  • Forms for X-ray procedures
  • Cat Scan procedures
  • Neurological test forms
  • Purchase Orders of medical supplies forms
  • Patient satisfaction forms
  • Dental forms

…and many more

One provider. Multiple choices.

DAS’ solution is comprised of modules that work off a single platform. Each module is designed to address specific business areas – Forms Classification, Digital Mail-room, Sales, Purchase-to-Payment etc., and can be added as required. Health care organisations can build a solution specific to their needs and adapt it over time to ensure maximum return is gained from the initial investment.

Patient Record Scanning

For more information or a live demonstration of or Patient Record Management Solution don’t hesitate to contact us to facilitate this in person or over the phone, with the aid of screen sharing.