Purchase and Sales Order Processing

The eFLOW™ Purchase Order module has been designed to cope with incoming sales and purchase orders to ensure a streamlined document management workflow processing. Simple and consistent processes handle all types of sales and purchase orders of any structure, regardless of source: faxed, posted or electronic.

Information is extracted, validated and pushed directly to your systems for action. Automation removes the need for manual data entry, resulting in improved data accuracy and fewer processing errors, which in turn leads to better customer satisfaction. eFLOW Purchase Order integrates with SAP, Oracle or any other ERP system with the capture and workflow running internally or externally depending on the ERP system used.

For organizations that use SAP, we have developed eFLOW™ Purchase Order for SAP to ensure you gain maximum value from your ERP investment. eFLOW integrates seamlessly to your SAP system, speeding up processing and ensuring that only accurate data is worked upon.

With eFLOW Purchase Order you can Expect:

  • Faster turnaround times – Data is captured up to 80% faster and accurate data enters your systems for staff to action at the earliest opportunity. Customers benefit from quicker deliveries, fewer processing mistakes and overall enhanced service
  • Better utilization of resources – Automation reduces the amount of time staff must spend on data capture input and resolving mistakes caused by human error. Your teams are freed to focus on added-value tasks, making better use of their expert knowledge
  • Improved customer service – Streamlined processing enables you to provide your customers with top-class service levels. Fewer errors and delays improve customer satisfaction and mean that customers are less likely to move to competitors
  • Enhanced internal communication – Information is processed and fed to your central systems as soon as it arrives at the organization. Staff no longer spend time searching for documents or working from outdated information. Relevant, up-to-date data is accessible to all relevant employees
  • Maximized investment from your existing systems eFLOW integrates with your systems so you can gain maximum value from your investments in legacy systems
  • Compliance and control eFLOW includes control tools so you can identify bottlenecks and any issues in your processing that need to be resolved. Transparency across the entire process and accessible data means compliance to industry regulations and SLA’s is easy
  • ROI (Return on Investment) – typically achieved in 12 months or less

eFLOW Sales and Purchase Order Technology: eFLOW™ Purchase Order Reader